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The COCOSA Board of Directors and Advisory Board will intentionally be comprised of multi-disciplinary stakeholders who are 100% invested in the safe reintegration of newly-paroled sex offenders into our community through the establishment of pro-social community relationships.

Board of Directors

  • Kristen Kelley, Board President
  • Paul Benavides,Secretary
  • Sarah Vickers, Treasurer
  • Gus Garcia Board Member
  • Nicole Feltz, Board Member

Executive Director

  • Michelle Jones, Executive Director

Advisory Committee

  • Jeff Geist (CDOC/Parole)
  • Chris Lobanov-Rostovky (SOMB)
  • Angel Weant (Probation Services)
  • Laurie Rose Kepros (Public Defender)
  • Leonard Woodson (CDOC)

Committee Directors

  • Gus Garcia, Community Relations Director
  • Mike Dell, Pre-Release Director